This 3.62-Meter-Tall Statue Is Officially the World's Tallest 3D-Printed Sculpture of a Human

James Burton usually spends his time making robots but this time he has created the world's tallest 3D printed sculpture of a human.
Jessica Miley

James Burton officially holds the Guinness Book of World Records title for the tallest 3D printed sculpture of a human. Burton collaborated with the University of Portsmouth to create a scan of himself which was then turned into a digital 3D model. 

The model was then sliced into sections using special software to print each part like a giant puzzle. Burton received sponsorship for the 50 kilograms of printer filament that was needed to create the model. 

It took 3D printers more than 500 hours to print the sculpture in Southampton. Burton cleverly designed each section to have flat sides, that allowed him to use super glue to stick it all together. 

The model is exactly twice his height, standing at 3.62m Burton unveiled the giant freestanding sculpture and had a certified quantity surveyor to measure the mode and submitted the results to the Guinness World Record. 

The board of the records was so excited about his achievement they sent a team of adjudicators out to meet him and personally award his certificate. When Burton is not making 3D models he is working on projects related to robots. 

Burton runs a site that is dedicated to videos of Burton tinkering with some extraordinary electronics like electric skateboards and huge exoskeletons. Burton is an insanely talented creator who has built up a big YouTube following via his videos that generously explain how he makes his creations along with some witty banter and charm.