This 88mm Turbo Engine Chews, Spews Fruit at Target Like a Garbage Disposal

Who could have known the turbo was the perfect smoothie maker?
Derya Ozdemir

This is one of the most random things you'll watch today but it is guaranteed to make you squirm. In this video, YouTube channel Cleetus McFarland's Garrett Mitchell and his friends send the world's most random object through the 88-millimeter Precision Turbo in a Corvette. Spinning 300,000 times per minute, you can easily see that messing with this turbo is not a thing one should do; however, it still does feel like they are torturing the car nevertheless.

From Slim Jims to a breast implant which they acquired from eBay, they toss numerous objects in there, and the results vary from being flung across the shop to getting so shredded that you could make either a smoothie or a salad out of them. At one point, they just start throwing whatever they can find in there, which made things all the more chaotic.

You'll see smoke coming out of the turbo, but per the Drive, it could be because it's mounted the wrong way, and the haze that you see in the end could be from the melted silicone. However, it is still safe to say the turbo wasn't all that happy with the arrangement. Tune in!

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