This Adjustable Kitchen is Designed to Help People with Disabilities

This kitchen is fully adjustable. Each part can be raised or lowered with a simple push of a button.
Jessica Miley

Living with a disability can make accessing many common things unbelievably difficult. Housing for people living in wheelchairs should be modified for wheelchair access. But building for those with disabilities should be more than just putting in a ramp. One company is trying to solve these problems by designing a kitchen that can adjust to each users height and reach. This kitchen from Studio Válek & Kačena is designed to be completely adjustable to suit each individual user.

For instance, the work area or bench can be moved up and down with the touch of a button. This segment of the kitchen also contains the sink. Washing up is made easier, no matter whose turn it is. Above the sink is a large storage and cupboard space. This whole section can be gently lowered giving access to people at any height. Another really cool feature is the sliding drawers. The whole block of drawers can slide across the front of the bench. This allows it to be put in the best position for access for each person. The sections are adjusted using very quiet electric motors.

Even manufacturers of "easy-access" kitchens fail to recognize that there are variations within each disability. Treating all people with disabilities the same doesn't do much more to solve their problems.  Other ‘access’ kitchens are made with a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. However, Studio Válek & Kačena understand that each person has different needs and abilities. Their kitchen can adjust to each specific user with ease. The kitchen may be particularly popular with people who are renovating their home at retirement age and want to be realistic about the future. The adjustable kitchen would allow them to know that the options for stating in the or home longer are there if they do begin to experience mobility issues.