This Advanced Wedge Axe Will Split Blocks of Wood Conveniently

Logamtic have redesigned the axe, making splitting wood safer, faster and more fun. The wedge axe can split any log in seconds due to its ergonomic design.
Jessica Miley

If you rely on wood to fuel heating or cooking you'll know splitting logs is backbreaking and possibly dangerous work. Axes can rebound off tight grained wood or get stuck in green timber making it a pain to remove. Logmatic wedge axes make splitting blocks and kindling a breeze.

The team from Logmatic have redesigned one of the most ancient tools on the planet, the axe! Instead of swinging or lifting the tool over your body, simply lift the striking bar up. This bar slides up and down inside the tube extending upwards from the wedge-shaped point and the wedge blade remains in place on the wood. Then strike the bar down and it will force the wedge axe to split the log with a clean, even force. Strike as many times as you need with as much or as little force as you need. The tool makes splitting wood look so easy.

The wedge axe comes in two weights depending on your own strength. Logmatic have also designed a really useful wood splitting basket. The basket allows small logs to be placed upright and ready for splitting. Its wrap-around design means you won’t lose any precious pieces of timber as the wood is cut. You can simply grab the handle and carry the basket, now full of perfectly sized kindling, into your home for use. The Logmatic products can be shipped almost all over the globe and are available to buy on their website. 

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