This Animation Compares the Sizes of All Original Star Wars Trilogy Vehicles

Talented illustrator Scott Park has drawn every original Star Wars trilogy vehicle from the Ewok glider to the Death Star II.

If you are a Star Wars fan, or simply love some geeky graphic design don’t miss this mesmerizing video from artist Scott Park. Park has drawn to scale each and every one of the vehicles from the Star Wars trilogy to scale. The 48 spaceships, land vehicles and, animals are each drawn to scale and presented in a moving strip. Park has done an incredible job drawing all the vehicles including the Ewok glider, the Death Star II and going through Banthas, TIE Interceptors, and Rebel frigates. The Star Wars vehicles might be part of the reason why the franchise has such a grip on its fans. Each vehicle is an extension of the personality of the characters that occupy them and true fans know the power of each and who would ultimately win in one-to-one battles. 

The most recent film in the franchise, The Last Jedi, introduced some new vehicles to fans. Design supervisor for the film Kevin Jenkins told media that the design inspiration for the most recent vehicles came from the original trilogy in combination with real-world military styling. The design team acknowledged that keeping true to the original design vision of the original films is important to maintain a continuing aesthetic within the franchise even though the technology used to create the films continues to change. If you love Park's work on these vehicles, be sure to check out the talented illustrator's online portfolio.

Via: Sploid

This Animation Compares the Sizes of All Original Star Wars Trilogy Vehicles

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