This Animation Compares the World's Largest Rockets in Under 5 Minutes

In honor of Falcon Heavy's successful test launch, YouTube channel Concerning Reality has made a video comparing the history of powerful rockets.
Jessica Miley

If you follow the build-up to and launch of Falcon Heavy earlier this month, you would have heard a lot of talk about just how powerful it is. But how powerful is it really when stacked up against the history of rockets?

This helpful video from Concerning Reality walks through the history of rockets in comparison to the Falcon Heavy. The comprehensive video is filled with relevant stats and historical information about the most powerful rockets to have been built -  including those still under development. If you love the video, then make sure to download the cool infographic poster the Concerning Reality team have made available as a free download. 

While Elon Musk’s Falcon Heavy is currently the most powerful rocket in operation, it still doesn’t have the record for the most powerful ever built. Musk's Falcon Heavy did break a lot of records though when it completed its test flight on February 6. Perhaps most interestingly Musk and SpaceX managed to cut the cost of ‘putting a kilogram of material in low earth orbit from $2,684 per kilogram to an astonishing $1406 per kilogram.’ This slashing of price opens up the possibility of space travel and exploration to a wider range of organizations and companies outside of government-backed associations.

If you loved this informative video, be sure to check out Concerning Reality’s other great content. In their own words, they “look at some of the most interesting questions and topics in the world with a technical twist. We'll get to the bottom of things like famous paradoxes, unique phenomena, and ultimately, the crazy reality that we currently experience.”

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