This Autonomous Robot AI Mouse Mimics a Cat’s Hunting Experience

Mousr is the autonomous robot that brings out your cat's wild side while you play.
Donovan Alexander

Any cat owner will tell you, that entertaining a cat is no easy feat. Let's be honest, cats can be jerks sometimes, unaware of the tremendous effort you are making to quell their boredom. However, Petronics has created a toy that has been designed to play the way your cat loves to play. Mousr is here to bring the hunter out of your cat. 

Shaped like a mouse or any of your cat's favorite little critters, Mousr is an autonomous robot that brings the game of cat and mouse to a modern level. As seen in the Petronic video above, the robot scurries across your home, for the ultimate hunting game for your cat

Users of the Mousr can either have the mouse-like robot move autonomously or take the helms of the robot with their smart-phone. Sensors on the robot allow Mousr to adapt to your cat's movements, never making it too easy for your feline friend. 

Compatible for both iOS or Android devices, Mousr is an excellent way to play and bond with your cat, and hopefully, keep them entertained for a while. Be sure to stop by Petronics to learn more about Mousr and to pick one up for your cat's next birthday. 

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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