This Beautiful Copper Knife Was Made Without Modern Tools

The talented duo form the Survival Skills Primitive YouTube channel have made this impressive knife without modern equipment.
Jessica Miley

In one of their most complex videos to date, the guys from the Survival Skills Primitive channel create a furnace to melt copper, before pouring the molten metal into a mold to make a knife. The results are a stunning solid copper knife with a sharp edge capable of felling a small tree.

The two men explain in the video's description, how they first collected the copper from the ground before trying and failing many times to try and melt it. To create a fire hot enough, the men created a new type of furnace wind a wind system.

The fire had two chimneys through which stood elongated plug which are raised and lowered out of sync to create a draft to increase the temperature of the fire. Once the copper was molten it was poured into a mold shaped into a block of sand.

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The metal bubbled and hissed as it cooled, before the chunky metal knife was sharpened on a stone, occasionally lubricated with water. The Survival Skill Primitive channel is a great resource for those interested in getting back to basics.

Using only handmade tools the duo have made all sorts of fascinating constructions from various stoves to swimming pools. Following the success of the copper knife, the two hosts plan on collecting and smelting more copper for other projects.


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