This Beautiful Fish Pond Is Made Using Only Primitive Tools

This stunning fish pond was made by only using primitive tools and construction techniques.
Jessica Miley

Amongst all the latest AI and other technological advancements, there is something truly awesome about watching something get built with pure physical labor. This four-part video from Primitive Life shows us how to make a really cool personal fish pond using primitive technology. 

The first video shows the arduous process of first gathering up a large number of river stones that will be needed for the construction. These heavy stones have to be carried basket by basket for the site bank up to the pond's location. 

The manual work of the pond digging isn’t really shown in the video, but the addition of stairs is demonstrated. Each step is chipped out of the hard dirt using a basic lever and hammer. Once the hole is dug, a primitive form of concrete is made using ash, sand, and water. 

This is spread to cover the base of the pond, while handmade bricks are stacked to form the structural wall of the pond. In later videos, river stones are adhered to the pond's edge with more concrete. 

After many layers of concrete, bricks, and stone the pond is almost complete. But before water is added, the concrete waterproofing is painstakingly checked for cracks which are mended with a diluted concrete paste. 

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A clever addition to the pond is a raised circle of stones in its center, that later acts as an anchor and planting spot for water plants. The final pond which is an absolute labor of love is finished off with some wild caught frogs and fish. 

If anyone is looking for inspiration to leave the desk-bound life behind this is the channel for you.

Via: Primitive Life

This Beautiful Fish Pond Is Made Using Only Primitive Tools

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