This Beer Slushie Elevates Anyone's Beer Game

This beer slushie machine adds a top of creamy ice cold beer foam to the top of your glass of draught beer. Not only does it taste good, it helps keep your drink colder for longer.
Jessica Miley

Ever wondered what beer-flavored ice cream would be like? Well, this absolutely wacky machine from Kirin Ichiban will let you know. It is a beer slushie machine that can add a frozen beer foam to the top of any glass of draught beer. The beer slushie doesn’t just taste good it reportedly will keep your beer colder for longer too. The machine adds a sub-zero topper of cold beer foam to the top of your glass. Watching the video it looks like it has the texture of regular soft serve ice cream but hopefully with that familiar beery taste.

Kirin is one of Japan's largest breweries. A few years ago a trend of ‘super cold’ beer swept across Japan and the Beer slushies machine was made. Originally Kirin produced this smaller household version of the machine as a way to promote their summer beer campaign, but the device proved so popular in Japan they just kept making it. But you don’t have to be in Japan to enjoy a frozen beer slushie topper on your summer beer of choice. There are many export companies that specialize in bringing Japanese trends to U.S and European markets. Japan is famous for its crazy food trends and gadgets. While you are shopping for your beer slushie machine, be sure to check out the 3D latte art maker and the Sonic Hour Beer Head Froth Maker.

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