This Bike Lock Secures Itself Automatically as Soon as You Walk Away

I Lock It is a smart bike lock that uses Bluetooth technology to automatically lock and unlock according to your proximity.
Jessica Miley

Biking is one of life's greatest pleasures, but the fear of having your iron horse stolen puts fear into even the toughest of cyclists. But there is a new prevention technique on the market that makes the most of the Bluetooth technology.

The I Lock It bike lock is an intelligent device that detects when the bike's owner walks away, and locks the bike lock. When the owner returns the bike lock automatically opens. No keys, no fuss! The lock is installed directly onto the bike just above the back wheel and below the bike seat. 

The lock secures the bike by pushing a steel ring through the rear wheel spokes. If a potential thief tries to pick up the bike, an alarm goes off and the owner of the bike is sent an alert via an app.

The lock works by communicating with your smartphone, but you can also use the fob offered by the company instead. The bike lock, though very intelligent, uses a very low amount of power and its battery will last for more than a year. You can also purchase an additional chain or cable that will allow your bike to be locked to other objects for additional security. I Lock It received an abundance of funding during its initial crowdfunding campaign and is now available for pre-order on its website for 99 Euro. (84 USD)

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