This Blade Master Shows You How to Make the Sharpest Clear Kitchen Knife

Skilled knife creator and famed YouTuber Kiwami Japan is back with a tutorial on making what he calls the "sharpest clear kitchen knife in the world."
Loukia Papadopoulos

It is no secret that we love YouTuber and super exotic and impressive blade maker Kiwami Japan! In the past, he has successfully created razor-sharp knives out of tin foiljello, ice, and a dollar store trinket.

Now he is back with what the calls the "sharpest Clear kitchen knife in the world" and needless to say we are excited. His tutorial follows his usual truly original and somewhat quirky style making it all that more fun to watch. 

Of course, we love his work and how-to videos, however, we do have to question how much competition there is in the world of sharp clear knives. Still, if there were we bet Kiwami Japan would win it.

The knife artist even prepares a picture of a teddy bear which may seem off at first until you realize he is using it as an adornment for the knife's stand. Quirky? yes, but very cute!

Kiwami Japan even does some weird stuff in between building the super clear super elegant knife such as weigh chicken stuffed animals placed on small shelves and play with some silver cubes. In the end, though, the final look at this indeed super clear and sharp knife is worth all the odd but amusing distractions.

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