This Blade Master Turns Blobs of Jiggly Jello into a Razor Sharp Knife

Kiwami Japan is a knife genius who creates blades from all sorts of edible materials. This time, Kiwami creates a super sharp knife out of jello. 
Jessica Miley

Host of the YouTube channel Kiwami Japan has done it again. Already having a huge reputation for creating knives from the strangest of materials this latest video takes the cake. Kiwami creates a super sharp knife out of jello.

But not just any jello, they choose to start with the tiny jello cups famous as a snack through Southeast Asia. The project begins by melting these little ice-cube pieces of jello in a pan with additional gelatin and food coloring. 

This mixture is spread thin, then chilled. The knife shape is cut from the thin layer of flexible but strong jello. This is then dried out by being placed over the top of an air purifier. 

The constant airflow successfully dries it out so that the jello takes on the look and feel of a thick sheet of plastic. This shape is then filed down using various files and finally, the blade is sharpened with Kiwami trademark patience and seemingly never-ending range of whetstones. 

Once the sharpening is complete, the jello knife has a pretty insane looking edge on it. When tested the bright blue knife could easily cut paper with very little pressure. 

Finally, the knife easily slices cucumber into slivers. Kiwami rates the jello knife as the third sharpest nonmetallic knife they have made coming in behind carbon fiber and pasta but beating out wood and gemstone.