This Blunt $1 Knife Becomes Razor Sharp with Some Help from a $300 Whetstone

Skilled knife sharpener and YouTube sensation Kiwami Japan turns this blunt $1 knife into a blade with professional performance.
Jessica Miley

Whether you are making a sandwich or cooking a stir fry, having a sharp knife to cut all your ingredients will make the experience much more pleasurable, not to mention quicker. While chef's knives are expensive and out of reach for most home cooks, this YouTuber demonstrates how we can all use razor sharp knives if we are prepared to input some elbow grease. Kiwami Japan takes a very basic looking knife that he bought for $1 and transforms it into a slicing machine by sharpening its blade on a series of increasingly more expensive whetstones. 

To kick off the video, the YouTuber demonstrates the knife's current ability by cutting through some cloth and a sponge. The results, as you expect, are pretty dismal. But even after the first sharpening on the whetstone, the knife's performance improve; after many many rounds of meticulous honing on the stones, the knife is put back to its test with incredible results. After its final polish, the $1 knife is performing like a professional, cutting slices of tomato so thin you can see through them and slicing tissues and paper in a terrifying efficient way. While this knife isn’t going to stay sharp for a long time and will require a lot of maintenance, it's just amazing to see how this cheap knife can shine once given a little bit of attention. Kiwami Japan is a professional, please be careful when handling knives, no matter how blunt!