This Brand New Windows 98 Gaming PC was Built From 20-Year-Old Parts

If you are into 90's PC nostalgia, buckle in for a fun ride through a complete computer build made from new-old parts.
Jessica Miley

To mark the 20th anniversary of Windows 98, one intrepid computing fan has built an all-new computer from 20-year-old parts. It took more than two years for AkBKukU to collect the parts he needed for the ambitious build.

Each individual aspect of the computer had to be sourced as still in-box or brand new despite being twenty years old. Once each part was gathered, the build could begin.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing though, AkBKukU needed to employ some serious problem solving to get the whole rig running smoothly, but once the creases were ironed out it was onto to some retro gaming. Watch as this Windows fan takes a ride through a decade of PC gaming covering the classics like Quake and Lego Island.

This video is said to be the first of a series that will demonstrate different aspects of building and running old computers. The next video in the series will go into more details about the different parts of the computer, why particular specs were chosen and go over some of the benefits and negatives of the build. For those into 90's PC nostalgia, this video and the ones to follow are not to be missed.

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