This Car Got Redesigned as a Giant Computer Mouse

YouTube's "shitty robot" builder Simone Giertz documented how she and another builder transformed her car into a computer mouse.
Shelby Rogers

YouTube's most popular crappy robotics maker and eccentric builder Simone Giertz is back with another outlandish build. This time, she brought in fellow YouTube builder William Osman. Together, the two transformed Giertz's 1980s Sebring-Vangaurd Citcar into a giant computer mouse. 

In a little over four minutes, Giertz details how she and Osman transformed her bright yellow car (which she named "Cheese Louise") into a massive computer accessory. 

Osman's homemade device is responsible for transforming the car into a giant computer mouse. Osman built an Arduino single-board microcontroller to translate data about the car to the computer. The car's motion converts into a Y-axis motion. In order to get X axis data, the pair added a magnetometer to act like an odd compass for the car and thus give the X-axis directional data. The connection comest through a traditional USB port. To click, simply honk the car horn.

Yes, it's actually functional (albeit not exactly the most useful). Giertz and Osman managed to even send an "impressionist portrait" (aka a triangle) via email to themselves. And as the duo quickly pointed out toward the end of the video, "we didn't even cheat at all, right?"

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Giertz's signature awkwardness and unabashed attitude to just go for it with a build will definitely keep you entertained. You might even be inspired to take an old junker and transform it into a computer mouse yourself. 

This Car Got Redesigned as a Giant Computer Mouse 

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