This Car Is Made Out of Ice But You Can Still Drive It

A Russian man has created a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon out of blocks of ice and a Soviet jeep that drives perfectly.

Winter can be hard to get through, low temperatures and not much sun can cause depression even in the hardiest of snow folk. But one Siberian man has beaten the winter blues by starting a little DIY project: Creating a running, driving copy of a Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV out of ice.

Vladislav Barashenkov who owns a custom car shop Novosibirsk is the genius behind the invention.  

According to local media, Barashenkov striped an old Soviet Jeep Wrangler known as a UAZ 469 down to its chassis and running gear to create the base for the vehicle, then attached six tones of molded ice to a steel frame to create the Mercedes copy.

The average temperature in Novosibirsk in the winter is about -12 degrees so there is plenty of ice to go around.

Barashenkov reportedly used a chainsaw to cut the ice into the right shapes for the car before fitting them to the frame. To complete the look, the car is fitted with lights that make the car glow spectacularly at night.

Incredibly, the car actually runs. This YouTube video is a must see, especially when Barashenkov gets his chance to let the car rip out in the snow at the six-minute mark.

The car is a very impressive project and no doubt causes a stir every time it’s taken out for a run. As the temperatures slowly warm up in Siberia, the car will return back to its original form.

We can't wait to see what Barashenkov will create next winter.

Via: Гараж 54

This Car Is Made Out of Ice But You Can Still Drive It 

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