This Clever Device Lets You See Through Walls

The Walabot DIY can detect what is behind your walls helping you to renovate or improve your home.
Jessica Miley

This device helps you see through walls. Called Walabot DIY, the device can detect studs, pipes, and wires behind walls to help you safely complete your home renovation project. The clever gadget simply attaches to your mobile phone. Once installed you just swept the phone and device across the areas you want to examine to look for obstacles. The Walabot can detect through both concrete and drywall up to 10 cm. 

The device is invaluable for professional and amateurs alike when working in older homes which may have unexpected construction methods or old wiring and pipes. The Walabot can save many potentially dangerous accidents, alerting you to wires or studs before drilling or cutting. Depending on what you are looking for the Walabot can be adjusted for sensitivity to detect even very slim objects. Currently, the app only works with Android operating systems but its design team hopes that an iOS will be available soon. The app is continually getting improved and updated. Recent updates added labels to detected materials so you can identify exactly what is behind your walls. In addition to the immediate detection, the Walabot is also able to map a larger section of wall for offline examination. Walabot DIY is available to purchase from the Walabot website. There is also a developer kit available for developers and app makers to use to create different types of custom applications using the Walabot technology.