This Coding Block Makes Learning How to Code Easy and Fun

Cubroid is a coding tool that lets children create and operate basic robots using building blocks and an app. Children exercise both their creative and logical thinking skills with this clever toy.
Jessica Miley

Coding and understanding software development is becoming an increasingly in-demand skill. There has been a range of toys created to help kids get a head start in understanding the world around them. Cubroid coding blocks give children the ability to build and operate simple robots. The tiny cubes can be stuck together for easy assembly and disassembly and can even be teamed up with Lego to create complex shapes. The cubes represent a simple coding language that children can interact with via the Cubroid app. Children can create simple robots that they can then manipulate using the app. Cubroid lets children (or adults!) learn the basics of coding by first following the instructions via the app, as they become more confident they can create their own commands.

The cubes are designed to handle rough play and pose no swallowing risk. They are made from a polycarbonate material which has the best light resistance, heat resistance and impact strength. A basic Cubroid pack gets you everything you need to get started including 66 Cubroid blocks. But as your skills and enthusiasm grow, the beginner kits can be teamed up to create complex code and robots.

Cubroid was invented by a collaborative team of coders, engineers and artists who wanted to give children an easy and fun way to get started on their coding journey. Cubroid is an awesome way for children to flex their creativity while also utilizing logical thinking.