This Company Lets You Put A Water Park in the Middle of Any Body of Water

These moving water parks offer thrilling jumps and leaps up to 20ft!
Jessica Miley

Water parks are one of the stables of summer fun. Nothing beats flying down a waterslide or perfecting a backflip off the high dove. Water parks have just got an upgrade with Jungle Float.

Jungle Float lets you put an awesome water park in the middle of any body of water. The floating palace of fun has lots of design options from 6ft jump all the way up to trampoline powered 20ft leaps! The waterparks are powered by either a gas or electric engines that allow it to move into the deepest part of a lake or river for safety, then back to shore for docking overnight. Jungle Float was designed after years of development to perfect a vessel that was super fun but also super sage. The deck is super stable and allows fast changes of weight by staying close to the water level. The hull or base is designed from a hybrid combination of barge and boat design to allow for great stability, floating capabilities, and maneuverability.

Each park features a different combination of platforms, ropes, slides and trampolines to maximize the fun. They are suitable for all ages from small kids (as long as they can swim) up to adventurous older people! Jungle Float is available to buy as a one-off purchase so you could start your own aqua fun business straightaway. The company provides assistance with installation but they urge potential customers to check their individual state laws before diving into their business planning!

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