Watching This Couple Climb Europe's Tallest Chimney Will Churn Your Stomach

Two professional climbers trek to Slovenia and climb Europe's tallest chimney. At 380m high, this video is not for the weak-stomached.
Jessica Miley

What is your hobby? Some people play the piano, others make laser guns and some climb really high things & make videos. And if you want to go even one step further you decide to face everything most people have phobias for.

That’s what this video is about, but take a deep breath before watching it. You’re going on a journey most people would rather avoid. But because you’re on this side of the camera you may enjoy it.

Two professional climbers trek to Slovenia and climb Europe's tallest chimney. And because of its unique build, it’s much more daunting than climbing a mountain of the same height. Imagine balancing on a narrow ledge after a long climb. At 380m high, this video is not for the weak at heart.

The chimney is part of the Trbovlje Power Station in Trbovlje, Slovenia. The chimney was built in 1976 and operated as part of the power station until its liquidation in 2014.

I love that on their way there they already have to circumvent dangers. As they hike on tracks through a tunnel they hope there’s no oncoming train. Inside the tallest chimney in Europe, it’s pitch black which is enough to scare most of us away.

But not these two.

As they rise you realize why it’s worth taking footage of climbing this chimney. It’s a once in a lifetime experience and perhaps not even they will have the courage to try again. I would have given up halfway.

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I’m not sure if the ladder adheres to necessary safety regulations. It seems—and sounds—unstable. Watch and see if your stomach churns as much as mine did.

The video shows Flaviu Cernescu and his partner tackle the rather weak looking, completely vertical, ladder up the side and through the middle of the chimney before reaching the top.

But if you thought it was going to end there, you’re wrong.

Already exhausted the pair pushes the limits and film themselves goofing around on top of the chimney. For some of us watching, the footage is shocking. But these adventurers are in their element.

Cernescu juggles some fruit while walking the rim of the Trbovlje chimney. This rim looks to be about 20cm wide. Even his girlfriend wanders around seemingly oblivious to the deadly drops on both sides. We have to admit, it’s cute the pair timed their visit to coincide with a spectacular sunset. And they get to take full advantage of it at their elevated height.

The video does come with a warning not to try this unless you’re a trained professional. Checking out the other videos on their channel shows that these two really do have some experience doing scary things. From seemingly impossible balance tricks to simply juggling on a unicycle, one can see they both have a healthy sense of confidence!

Having too much confidence usually pushes people to take too many risks. But Cernescu and his partner take just enough risks. And when you see the footage of that sunset, you’ll realize why this chimney climbing was worth it.

Via Flaviu Cernescu

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