This Crazy Loud Train Horn Made Out of a 55-Gallon Drum Is Powered By a Leaf-Blower

Barrett Crook has created a home made horn so huge it needs a leaf blower to power it.
Jessica Miley

Barrett Crook starts his YouTube channel by admitting that most people that know him think he is crazy. He then goes on to show off his passion for making uncomfortably loud horns. So we think his assumption about people's impression of him is pretty spot on.

Crook shows off his horns that start with a small irritating enough tooting device to a louder horn similar to a train horn. He then ramps it up to demonstrate a ridiculous instrument that requires a leaf blower to operate it.

The huge horn is so loud it’s possible it can be heard several kilometers away. In fact, it is so loud, the vibrations it causes are picked up by the camera, causing the footage to wobble slightly. We can only say that Crook either lives very far away from the next closest house or his neighbors are deaf.  Barrett Crook has created a home made horn so huge it needs a leaf blower to power it.

From the looks of Crook's YouTube Channel, he has just discovered the wonders of the video-sharing site. In the last five days, he has shared four videos, ranging from a long rambling video where he shows us a small dam that he built. Where and why is very unclear but Crook seems very pleased with his work.

His other videos show him talking about his botched Turbo Engines that he has been modifying from tractors to fit his car. Crook’s weirdness is actually appealing and we are looking forward to what his next odd project and accompanying video will be.