This Creepy But Handy Humanoid Robot Installs Drywall by Itself

The machine can pick up and apply drywall sheets, maneuvering a cordless screwdriver without human supervision.
Loukia Papadopoulos

When it comes to life-like robots, Boston Dynamics has been taking the lead with its impressive canine-inspired modelshumanoid backflipping versions, and more. Lately, however, the company has been seeing some competition.

Check out Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) new robot. The company released a video that is bound to have all other robotic firms worrying. This slightly creepy, yet super handy, humanoid machine may just be the most helpful robot yet!

Called HRP-5P, this robot installs drywall completely autonomously and as well, maybe even better, than a human. This video clearly shows HRP-5P pick up a sheet of drywall, bring it over to a wall and then, last but most definitely not least, use a cordless screwdriver all alone to put it in place.

Before you panic about this agile robot taking over human jobs, it should be noted that HRP-5P is a bit slow and does struggle with properly using the screwdriver once. Still, it seems very close to actually getting a machine that could do the job perfectly without any human supervision.

And HRP-5P is not the only one. The robot is just the latest in a lineage from AIST's collection of machines that can be used in everything from industrialization applications all the way to bartending (the HRP-4P pours drink).

It seems that the future is here indeed and it is robot-powered. We might as well embrace these robotic allies and look for new and improved ways to live among them.

Welcome to the world HRP-5!



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