This Detailed Video Shows How You Can Make a Fire Pit for Your Garden Using 3D Printing

YouTube channel HomeMadeModern shows you how to use different techniques to make a spectacular addition to your garden.

It’s summertime and there's nothing better than long nights outside around a fire pit. If you want to take your fire pit game to the next level, check out this video from HomeMadeModern.

The very detailed how-to video will show you how to use a 3D printer, silicone and finally concrete to make a beautiful and durable pit. There are lots of steps involved in this project and you’ll also need access to some pretty specialized equipment.

First up, the individual blocks of the fire pit are designed with 3D modeling software, further software is used to make sure these blocks are ready to be sent to the 3D printer. The clever design of the fire pit means that just three shapes are needed to be printed. 

Once printed in plastic filament, the blocks are smoothed over and all the cracks are filled up. Next step is creating the silicone mold. 

The plastic blocks are glued down to a melamine board and a frame is made around it. Then the special silicon mixture is poured over the top and left to set. 

Once all dry the plastic shapes are removed, leaving a beautiful silicone mold ready for the concrete. The quick mix concrete is added to the mold. It is important in this step to ensure all the bubbles have been shaken out of the mix. 

Once the first blocks are made, rinse and repeat until they are all created. Cure the concrete blocks for at least two weeks to make sure they are nice and dry. Then it's fire time. Arrange the blocks where you want your fire pit to be and pass the drinks!


Via: HomeMadeModern

This Detailed Video Shows How You Can Make a Fire Pit for Your Garden Using 3D Printing 

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