This DIY Video Showcases the Intensely Cool Functions of Ferrofluid

See how to make the jet-black fluid, and turn it into spikes by using your magnet, or create perfectly crisp drawing lines in this video.
Fabienne Lang

See for yourselves how ferrofluid moves from its completely jet-black fluid form and morphs into dozens of spikey, yet still fluid, substances. Following a magnet, the ferrofluid made by the creator - and DIY chemist - in this video is sharper and stronger than mass-produced ones.

Ferrofluid's applications are diverse and useful, and many of us most likely haven't heard of it before! Initially created by NASA back in the 1960s, it's now used in our audio loudspeakers, liquid seals, or the spinning drive shafts of our hard disks. 

And it looks seriously cool. 

Composed of nanoparticles that are dispersed in a liquid, and are paramagnetic, the particles look solid when put near a magnetic field. 

Learn how to make your very own ferrofluid that will create impressive shapes at the touch of a magnet by watching this video. You'll need a few liquids and a little patience, but in a matter of 24 hours, you'll have your very own ferrofluid at home. 

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