This Drone Attempted to Help with Thanksgiving Dinner and Failed Miserably

Autel Robotics put their X-Star Premium to the test getting it to help prepare a tasty Thanksgiving Dinner. Unsurprisingly, the idea backfired.
Jessica Miley

Preparing a traditional Thanksgiving dinner can be a pretty daunting prospect. All that peeling, chopping, cooking and stirring. Why not employ a helper in the kitchen..perhaps one with four propellers? The team at Autel Robotics thought that would be a good idea so they got their X-Star Premium Drone to help them. The drone peels the carrots and parrots and chops the parsley, it even carries the turkey out to a pot of boiling oil in the backyard. Sounds wonderful right? Let’s just say the results are less Jamie Oliver and more reminiscent of a drunk cat attempting to fillet a fish.

But that’s not the point; the video is a clever marketing trick to show off the X-Star premiums real job with is to capture 4K video. Apparently, it is much better at that than cooking. The X-Star is designed to make even an amateur drone pilot into a professional cinematographer. It has intuitive controls and its 12mp camera captures imagery in crisp detail every time. If watching drones do household tasks is your cup of tea then you probably have this brilliant video bookmarked. For those of you just catching up this sub-genre of entertainment watch as this drone tries to screw in a lightbulb. It sounds like the beginning of a joke but it's actually a video that perfectly captures the dedication of a drone owner to make their hobby have some practical use too.