This E-Car Enthusiast Charges His Tesla Model 3 with a Honda E

Turns out the new Honda E has a built-in wall-socket.
Utku Kucukduner

Honda has launched the production version of its E model. The interesting feat is that the all-electric car comes equipped with a power inverter, it's pretty much an equivalent of the power outlets you'd find at home. 

While it's a compact, agile, and tasteful, Honda E is deemed a compliance car for now as it only launches in Europe. E model sports roughly a 125 mile (200 km) range when fully charged. Honda announced that it can charge up to 80% in half an hour and has a 35.5 kWh li-ion battery under its bodyworks. 


Among other interesting features like its huge dashboard that spans the entire front side (it also includes two camera powered rearview mirrors), the Honda E model also features a 1500 W 23 0V house type socket. While it also has a conventional 180 W 12 V car type socket, handling a full-on socket is no easy feat. Engineers at Honda pulled off a significant achievement with this.

Of course, this gave some ideas to people. Youtuber Bjørn Nyland had both Honda E and a Tesla Model 3 under his hood so he got curious about whether he could charge is Tesla with his Honda.

Fearing of killing the socket Bjørn utilized a cable capped at 6A, which limits the flow to 1400 W. In the beginning, Honda had 94% battery power while Tesla had 20.6%. After giving it 2 hours Honda lost 10% while Tesla gained 3.2%.

When Bjørn did the math he concluded that Honda lost 2.9 kWh energy while Tesla gained  2.2 kWh, if you divide them with each other the result is somewhere around .75, so the charging took place with 75% efficiency, which is not really practical.

While the solution altogether does not seem to have many real-world practical applications foreseeable, perhaps some people stuck with dead batteries will utilize such contraptions to get some charge to reach a higher-speed charging option. Who knows?

Bjørn's YouTube channel hosts some other tech and e-car related content too, be sure to check out.

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