This Eco-Friendly Wood-Burning Stove Can Even Charge Your Phone

The CampStove 2 is a wood burning stove that also generates electricity to charge your devices.
Jessica Miley

Going camping can seem like too much work when all your food has to be prepared on an open fireplace. Who wants to chop wood on a holiday? Imagine a camp stove, that burnt wood and could also charge your phone. Sounds crazy, but it's the real deal. The CampStove 2 from BioLite is a nifty device that is both a camp stove and battery. The smart device creates an efficient smokeless fire that is suitable for cooking and warming yourself with, and it can capture the waste heat from the fire to generate electricity. The patented technology from BioLite sees the fires excess heats captured by a heat probe inside the fire, this heat is then converted to electricity via a thermoelectric generator. The generator powers a fan that sends the electricity to a USB charging port. Any excess energy created is stored in the device's internal battery.

Once up and running the CampStove 2 can boil a litre of water in under five minutes and charge a range of devices using no more than scrap wood. Its inventors were inspired to create a camp stove that would prevent accidental injury from campfires as well as minimize the risk of forest fires. Its inventors are dedicated philanthropists and are on a mission to assist people living in countries who have limited access to safe and cooking conditions. To do this the business invests part of its revenues into commercially sustainable business in India and Africa that support local communities.