This Engineering Workshop Invented An Extraordinary Conveyor

Olds Elevator is a very simple conveyor that has become very influential in the industry

Olds Engineering from Australia is run by the Olds family for generations. Their conveyor invention Olds Elevator is influential in the farming industry with a super simple design.

These engineering enthusiasts mostly deal with dust produced from process foods such as corn and sugar. While it is hard to manage, Olds family came up with an invention that makes the process easier, cleaner and faster. 

That is the Olds Elevator which uses the pressure in order to process the sands and dust without the mess and without any danger of explosions. The most recent example of a dust explosion is that of the 2008 Georgia sugar factory explosion that took many lives within the factory.

The invention is good for the environment and human health as it is completely safe. Guaranteed by Olds himself, the elevators simple design makes it predictable and cheaper compared to other devices used in the industry. Easy to clean device also requires little to no maintenance. 

 It is simply a cylinder that rotates with openings on the bottom, placed on top of a screw and collects the sand within. Without leaving any room for air, the sand moves upwards within the cylinder thus moves the sand against the gravitational pull. 




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