This Epic DIY Thermite Sword will Cut Through Nearly Anything

The Backyard Scientist has done it again, creating an incredibly scary looking sword out of thermite. We don't recommend you try this at home.
Jessica Miley

The Backyard Scientist is at it again playing with insanely dangerous things all while wearing shorts. This time the intrepid amateur is set on making a sword out of thermite. Thermite is a mixture of iron oxides often mixed with aluminum for use in welding and other industrial applications. When set on fire it can reach temperatures of over 200 degrees Celsius. Remember, these experiments are all happening in his backyard!

Kevin Kohler, the Backyard Scientist himself, talks us through the science behind thermite and his calculations for his sword project. He then gets started setting things on fire. His first experiment fails but with some slight rejigging and the cheering of local kids the next experiment is a success. Well almost; without giving too much away, the eventual sword needs a few modifications before it can be functional. Once it's done, it is pretty impressive. The hunk of metal weighs a tonne and it isn’t totally elegant but it definitely does the job. Kohler shows off his new weapon by slicing some soda cans, a steel can of soup, a pumpkin, before convincing his partner to lob a bunch of oranges at him to destroy mid-air.

Kohler somehow remains unflappably calm and enthusiastic throughout all of his crazy videos. You may remember him from other insane experiments where he made a pistol that could shoot molten metal. He has an infectious charm that somehow totally dangerous hobbies seem as safe as stamp collecting.

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