This Experiment Shows Whether You Can Freeze Electric Spark in Ice or Not

The Action Lab experiments with solid ice and sparks, and it is solid.
Derya Ozdemir

In today’s experiment by The Action Lab, we bring you a bizarre question: Can you really freeze an electric spark in solid ice? 

It truly does sound like wizardry, and we are pretty sure there is a Skyrim mode that enables you to do just that. However, whether we can do it with the means of science and practice is a question that you probably haven't thought of before. 

The Action Lab conducts an experiment that you probably shouldn't try at home, and there is something about him that will surely make you feel like you're in the science classroom once again. He tests to see if it is possible to generate a spark in liquid nitrogen and also in solid ice.

As you'd guess, the answer is that you kinda can. At first, he takes two high voltage electrodes, sticks them completely submerged in liquid nitrogen, and manages to create a spark between them. After doing the same experiment in multiple mediums, he arrives at the final destination, the ice. 

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