This Fake Omega Seamaster Is Almost Indistinguishable from the Original

One of these iconic Seamasters is a fake. Can you tell which one?
Derya Ozdemir

It’s true that a fake will never have the same craftsmanship the original has, however, fake's have been around for a long time, and probably will continue to do so.

Over time, the accuracy of the fake's has become quite phenomenal. This video shows two Seamasters, and it is almost impossible to spot the difference between the two.

Creating a clone is not an easy feat. The video shows both of them in micro-detail, and it can be seen that the “fake” clockmaker followed every cut the original had. Some differences can be seen with a magnifying glass, other than that, the craftsmanship is quite remarkable. 

Everyone wants to have the original, however, since no one will take out a magnifying glass in the pub to check if your watch is real, does it really matter? Take your pick.

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Moreover, this also births another question. Once they finally perfect the replication, wouldn’t the replica be the real thing? Food for thought.


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