This Fiat Car Has Four-Too-Many Wheels and Still Works Perfectly

Who says you have to be content with four wheels when you can have eight?

Car modifications can be good or terrible and truth be told, the line between them is pretty thin. We’ve seen a lot of Pimp My Ride attempts in our fair share of days, and car-enthusiasts just love to push the boundaries.

In this video, an innocent, small Fiat is the object of futurist-deconstruction. The mechanics tore up a substantial piece of the car and placed two more wheels on each side. You might be thinking that it’s impossible for them to work without rubbing on each other; however, the sight of them working perfectly like fidget spinners might surprise you.

Needless to say, the final product becomes a party for everyone involved; maybe, not for the engine though. With eight wheels running, the engine is screaming for help the whole time. At least it looks good!

In addition to the engine problem, the stabilizer went a bit haywire too apparently. If you’re planning on upgrading your car to eight wheels, keep that in mind too.  

Eight wheels may sound like four-too-many wheels, but this video might change your mind. 

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