This Flamethrowing Tractor Gets Rid of Weeds Without the Need of Chemicals

Using a giant flamethrower attached to a tractor, organic farmers manage to control weeds without synthetic chemicals.

Organic farmers are returning to an ancient tool in the fight against weeds - fire. Called ‘flame weeding’ the process involves installing a pretty hardcore row of flamethrowers onto the front of a tractor and slowly driving through fields of crops blasting the weeds in between the rows of crops. 

Flame Engineering, Inc. specializes in developing and selling flame weeding equipment and says the technique is really scientific. The company's website explains that the technique is not about blasting the weeds to kingdom come but rather about focusing on destroying cell structure. 

"Flame weeding is what we like to call a ‘slow kill.’ Essentially, you are destroying cell structure in the plant leaf. The weed will no longer put energy toward growth (photosynthesis) taking the kill though the root system. YES, flame weeding will kill the roots too! Even on big weeds (over 6″), you will see a stunning effect and even a kill within a few days, depending on how established the root system is and how long the plant was exposed to heat," they explain on their website. 

We can’t help but think that perhaps this is a good use for those flamethrowers that Elon Musk was peddling. If you can’t be bothered to pull weeds, simply blast their cells with a quick dose of flames. Organic farmers are required as part of their certification process not to use synthetic herbicides or pesticides.

Via: Jamie Gilchrist

This Flamethrowing Tractor Gets Rid of Weeds Without the Need of Chemicals

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