This Foam Cannon Will Give Your Car the Best Wash of Its Life

The Chemical Guys have invented a super fun car washing method that leaves your car spotless. The Torq foam cannon covers your car in creamy foam to ensure no scratching or swirling.
Jessica Miley

There is something about treating your car to a very deep clean that is just so satisfying. But getting down and dirty with your car's paint can cause more damage than good. Many car washing methods can leave your car with smears and grease marks or in the worst case scenario, lots of fine scratches caused by hardened grime being roughly wiped away. But Chemical Guys have invented a car washing method that is not only fast and fun, it will give your car the best clean of its life.

The TORQ Foam Cannon works by mixing a special soap with water in the special dispenser bottle. Then the powerful nozzle delivers the soap mixture onto your car in the thickest and sudsiest foam layer you will ever see.

The foam is able to cover your entire car, loosening dirt and grime from the smallest of crevices to ensure your car gets a swirl and scratch free wash. Once the foam has soaked in a little you simply wash it all off using the same nozzle. The device is manufactured from super high-quality materials and features the patent pending Threadlock insulation sleeve on the brass cannon. This unique design ensures a perfect airtight seal between the TORQ body and 4L soap canister. The TORQ Foam Cannon will put the fun back into washing your car.

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