This Friendly Robot Takes over for Pet-Owners When They're Not at Home

Meet Peddy, a cute robot designed to look after your pet when you are not at home.
Jessica Miley

Meet Peddy, a buddy for your pet. This cute robot is designed to be a companion to your pet while you are away from the house. Peddy not only provides company for your pet, you can use its advanced technology to place a call directly to your dog or cat! The Peddy also has the ability to hold and dispense dry food so you never have to worry about your pet being hungry or lonely. In addition to being a good friend to your pet, Peddy acts as an additional home security device. It can detect abnormalities in your home through via its range of sensors and alert you to check in. You can view any part of your home at any time via its camera system. All captured video and images can be stored on the Peddy servers so that you can retrieve the information later.

Many people suffer anxiety when forced to leave their pets alone for long periods of time. Animals too can become very stressed when they are not with their owners or when they feel they may have been abandoned. This stress can cause the animals to misbehave in the home, chewing on things or ‘punishing’ their owners by defecating on their personal belongings. Peddy can entertain your pet with music and games and help them stay active during the day when you are not there. Peddy reached its Kickstarter goal in just 17 days. You can order your very own Peddy for your pet now for $279.