This Genius Trailer Takes the Work out of Moving Hay Bales

This brilliant hay bale trailer is self-loading. It's an essential tool for farmers with livestock.
Jessica Miley

Moving a hale bale isn’t an easy thing to do. They are a tricky combination of being cumbersome and heavy, as well as being fragile. But if you are a farmer and have the need to move hay bales around, you’ll likely have invested in a single hay bale trailer. These nifty devices are designed to hitch onto the back of an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) or utility vehicle and they can pick up an individual bale to be moved when required. These essential farm items are a great example of a piece of engineering with a purpose so specific you’ll never know they exist until you see one in action. These individual hay bale carriers come in a variety of types from models that require hand cranking to the type featured in this video that requires only some ace reversing skills. 

Known as a self-loading ‘TumbleBug’ hay baler. It works by connecting to the car's lighting electrical system. So when the hay trailer is close to the bale that needs moving, the driver of the vehicle turns on the car's lights which locks up the wheels of the trailer, by reversing back slightly more, the arm of the trailer is engaged and moves over the top of the bale. The claw on the end of the arm locks onto the bale. The vehicle and trailer can then move forward with the bale safety in place. An individual hay trailer is an essential item for hobby farms or small holdings.

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