This Giant Remote-Controlled A-10 Warthog Was Built With Less Than $50

The video will tell you how you too can engineer a remote-controlled version of the military craft out of easy-to-get foam board.
Loukia Papadopoulos

The A-10 Warthog is a popular military plane often referred to as a ground soldier's best friend. The aircraft, also called the hog, is the ultimate in close air support for protecting troops on land.

It is a powerful and precise flying gun often credited with saving the lives of armed forces personnel. Needless to say, the plane costs a small fortune.

That is why it was surprising to hear that team over at YouTube channel Flite Test had created one for less than $50. This, we had to see for ourselves and share with you!

We then were pleasantly surprised to discover the functioning model was built with easy-to-get foam board. Yes! FOAM BOARD.

The hosts take you through every step of the remote-controlled warthog's development and construction, explaining in great detail their process. Although not easy, the engineering of this military marvel is actually replicable just by watching the video.

Of course, we would not expect anything else from the guys at Flite Test. The channel is dedicated to bringing the many wonders of flight machines to the general public.

"We live in a world where people are inside too much, disconnected too often and passionate about too little. We are leading the charge for the world wide community of people passionate about flight, creating the means both virtually and physically for them to connect relationally, grow intellectually and share widely their passion with others," read the channel's description.