This GoPro Got Swallowed by Lava and Survived

Environmental exploration guide Erik Storm left his GoPro in the path of some slowly creeping lava and the GoPro continued to record despite the high pressure and heat of the lava.
Shelby Rogers

For Erik Storm, the day his GoPro got swallowed up by lava started out like any other day. He was leading a tour group and telling them a story when he suddenly remembered that he left his GoPro. Not an uncommon issue for hikers looking to snag interesting shots, but Storm was particularly troubled. He remembered he left his GoPro in the path of some slowly creeping lava. Storm returned to the scene only to find that his camera had been engulfed. He used a hammer to snag his GoPro.

Storm got back home and chipped away at the lava, expecting a completely melted and decimated camera. However, as he freed the camera, he noticed the WiFi light continued to blink. The camera had survived and the SD card still worked. 

Storm then realized that not only could he continue using his GoPro, but also that the camera recorded the entire time it had lava covering it. According to the GoPro company helpdesk, most of the cameras shut off if operational temperatures get above 125 F (51.7 C). Given that knowledge, the fact that this camera exists is pretty remarkable. 

The footage itself is slightly terrifying. Put some eerie music to it and you've got the makings of the next disaster-inspired short film. The lava slowly crawls toward the camera, steadily inching its way there in about a minute. The camera becomes engulfed in lava and then in flames as the camera gets hotter.