This Great Physics Teacher Demonstrates the Basics of Physics with Marbles

Bruce Yeany has been teaching science for over 40 years. In this video, he shows off some of the marble runs he has created to demonstrate the basics of Physics.
Jessica Miley

Bruce Yeany is the physics teacher we all wish we had. As well as being a high school teacher for 41 years, Yeany is a fantastic YouTube content creator. His latest offering shows off some of the marble tracks he has made over the years to demonstrate basics of physics to his students. The tracks introduce or reinforce concepts that Yeany is teaching in class. They cover topics such as motion, acceleration, kinetic and potential energy and inertia.

Yeany starts by showing off his Galileo track, each end of the track starts at the same height but one side is three times longer to the bottom than the other side. When the ball is released from either side it climbs just as high as the end of the track but no further. The track was originally designed by Galileo to explain the theory of inertia.

Yeany then runs through a range of other tracks that explain various other physics theories. We guarantee they will provide a few ‘uh ha’ moments. Yeany describes his channel as a collection of ‘classroom-tested ideas, suggestions, projects, and experiments.’ Other memorable videos include a compilation video of Yeany and his students testing out Newton's third law. The video includes the students dragging their teacher around in his socks through the school holidays, to a massive balloon release.

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