This Guy Caught a Stranger's Phone on a Roller Coaster

Watch a guy catch a cell phone in mid-air while riding a roller coaster.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Roller Coasters are loads of fun. They twist and turn you and bring you all around while you scream from excitement and joy.

But as you are being twisted and turned upside down, could something fall off? In this case, something did.

In this video of a guy riding on a roller coaster, you can see the exact moment he catches someone's cell phone that had just fallen. Watching the video is mesmerizing as it almost seems like time stops to allow the roller coaster rider to catch the phone.

We don't need to tell you, engineers, why catching a cell phone on a roller coaster is so hard to do. If we take into account the speed of the falling cell phone and the speed of the roller coaster, the chance of them being aligned for someone to catch the cell phone mid-air is impressively low.

We bet the actual owner of the cell phone must have been grateful that someone was there to catch his phone. However, no one was more excited than the guy who caught the phone.

He kept on screaming with excitement holding the phone up in the air the whole rest of the ride. He even got a high five from the rider behind him. Talk about some fun!

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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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