This Guy Has Built a Battery for His Homemade Electric Skateboard

Watch this video to discover how to build a battery for an electric skateboard at home. Note: don't start this project without some fundamental electronics knowledge.
Jessica Miley

We use batteries in so many parts of our daily lives. From our mobile phones to remotes, and even cars. If you have ever been curious about how to make a battery look no further than this video from darkkevind aka the battery guy who shows you how to make a battery pack suitable for an electric skateboard using 18650 cells. Darkkevind uses Sony Konion VT6 cells to create the battery that he claims is capable of delivering 120A continuous. If you are a DIY electronics enthusiast you’ll no doubt be impressed by the homemade spot welder he uses to create the video. Darkkevind has generously made a video about how to create that too.

Building a battery is a pretty serious undertaking and you’ll need some fundamental knowledge under your belt before you start but it’s an exciting prospect when you could apply it something as fun as an electric skateboard. The rest of darkkevind’s channel is dedicated to showing how the skateboard was made as well as lots of other battery building projects. 

As battery technology improves and becomes a more connected part of our lives there is a definite need to understand how they work and what affects their life cycle and use. Apple recently apologized for intentionally slowing down the processing speed of iPhones equipped with aging batteries and some car companies are intent on making your vehicle an integral part of your home energy system. While all these are diverse types and uses of batteries, many of the basic principles are the same and it will be very useful knowledge for all of us to have.

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