This Guy Put Apple's $700 Wheels on a Skateboard and Tried to Ride It

The YouTuber had to get pretty creative to install the wheels.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Did you know that the Mac Pro comes with its own set of wheels? Well, it really does, and they cost a whopping $700.

Because people can be crazy, one YouTuber tried putting these hyper-expensive wheels on a skateboard and then tried using it. Yes, you read that right: using a skateboard with $700 wheels made for a computer.

The YouTuber is Braille Skateboarding and he usually specializes in skateboarding videos, making him probably the ideal person to try such a weird experiment.

We know what you are thinking next. How did the experiment go? Did the new wheels work, or did they fall apart?

Well, installing them was quite a challenge, to begin with, as there were no screws. This is because the Mac Pro has a stand that you can just remove and replace with the wheels.

Braille Skateboarding ended up drilling holes in the skateboard to install the wheels. He then proceeded to try the skateboard calling it: "the most dangerous thing ever."

We won't tell you much more here. You have to watch the video to see what happened next. We will only tell you it's entertaining all the way to the end!

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