This Guy Rides His Motorcycle in Water, like Crazy!

Watch this guy riding a motorcycle in water until it gets submerged.
Nursah Ergü

If you're crazy about motorcycles, you'd know the feeling of riding so fast in the highway, feeling the wind on your face, passing the cars, being freer than anyone who's driving, that adrenaline, that feeling of freedom. 

It's something else, and completely different than driving a car. If you ever got on a motorbike, you'd probably understand what I'm saying. If you never have, you should do it, immediately!

In this video, you can see two guys riding like crazy, and every second of the video makes you feel like you are riding those motorcycles. 

And then, one of them rides into the water, at first, the motorcycle continues perfectly, and then they start to fly, in the end, the motorcycles turn into robots, just like transformers. Just kidding.

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