This Guy Shows How Powerful a Firehose Is by Testing it on His Friend

Is a high-pressure hose powerful enough to push a YouTube channel host on a skateboard? You are about to find out.
Jessica Miley

A high power firehose isn’t a thing to mess around with, these are super powerful hoses used to extinguish fires. But if you are Dan and Gav aka the Slow Mo Guys, then messing about with a firehose and a 4k camera is perfect. 

The team put a firehose to the test by just basically aiming it at host Dan doing a bunch of different activities and filming the results. We probably don’t need to tell you - they are hilarious.

This episode is just one of four parts where the team creates a variety of water-themed videos. We definitely recommend you watch the follow-up video of Dan belly-flopping into a pool with their phantom camera sitting under water. Dan bravely does a belly flop from a platform raised 10 feet in the air, which looks amazing when captured by the underwater camera. Please remember don’t try and replicate these videos at home, belly flops hurt and high-pressure hoses can definitely do a lot of damage. 

The videos are part of the first season of a spin-off from the original Slow Mo Guys videos, now called The Super Slow Show. The team has invested a little more money into the creation of each episode that sees them do even more impressive stunts and tricks all filmed with their 4K and all slowed down in glorious slow motion. The show is expected to go for 12 weeks.

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