This Guy Shows Why You Should Never Go Cheap on Tires

Air pressure, tread depth, grip, alignments, winter or summer tires. Are you one of those tire geeks? If yes, then I invite you to watch this video.

I admit though, this is one those things I'm not geeked out about. When it comes to tires, I only ask two questions. Is it flat? Will it safely take me from point A to point B? If the answers are No and Yes then we're good to go.

This guy went the extra mile to do complete analyses and series of test drives for the tires and then went on to grace us with all the details. Some of his collected data includes braking distance, time, and peak G-force. After all, the most important part of your car are the tires. Think of it this way, the car's whole weight and the passengers' too all relies on the strength of the tires. The fun things we can do when driving like speeding up, gliding through sharp corners and breaking on-point. Yes, they're all possible too because of quality tires.

At the end of his tire outburst, he went on to compare the before and after installation of the super tires. His data showed that using the new tires, his Honda S2000's breaking capabilities can be compared to that of an Alfa Romeo 4C and performs even better.

Via Engineering Explained

This Guy Shows Why You Should Never Go Cheap on Tires

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