This Guy Takes an Extremely Rusty Butcher's Knife and Makes It Look Like New

One avid knife restorer has done the impossible by restoring a knife from absolute rust to shiny usefulness.
Jessica Miley

A man has taken on the impossible task of restoring an incredibly rusty butchers knife.

Andre Will Do It takes the knife which is thick with rust build up and invests hours of work and sweat into making it a razor sharp and wonderfully shiny knife.

To begin the transformation, he uses a portable sander and belt sander to remove layers of rust. After several hours at the bench sander, Andre has removed 2 mm from each side of the knife.

From there it is just more sanding and polishing until the knife is shiny enough to do your hair in. Andre then makes a handle for the big shopper out of a chunk of wood, using a variety of tools to shape the wood into an ergonomic fit.

Finally, he sharpens the blade until it can shred paper with just the lightest touch. Andre says when he started the project he wanted to give up straight away but pushed on and the results are a testament to his dedication.

Andre just has two other videos on his channel. Both showing ways to remove rust and build-up on steel implements. If you have a rusty knife lying around this is the video to watch to spur you into de-rusting action. If watching rust disappear is your kind of entertainment, check out this brilliant video by kiwami japan which shows him manually repairing a $500 knife from disrepair.