This Guy Transforms Old Skateboard into Sunglasses

A handyman YouTube channel repurposed a viewer's skateboard into an impressive pair of sunglasses.
Shelby Rogers

More often than not, when the most sentimental items get too worn down for their best use, they often wind up in the trash. That's what was about to happen to this particular longboard until the team at Made Man reached out to fans looking for their viewers' favorite items to salvage. 

Viewer Steve sent in his favorite "cherished but sadly broken" skateboard to the show to get transformed into "something awesome." The Made Man team partnered with other YouTube channel Inspire to Make and repurposed the longboard into some trendy wooden sunglasses. 

The three minute video shows the process step by step as the guys use classic Ray Bans for the frame design. The break apart the frame and save the metal connectors to be used later in the finished product. Rather than use a fancy laser cutter or 3D printing substitute, the guys do nearly all of the sawing by hand.