This Guy Turns a Stainless Steel Bolt into a Hunting Knife

Turning a steel bolt into the coolest hunting knife in the world is no hard task for this particular man.
Nursah Ergü

Would you like to make a hunting knife on your own? Only by using a stainless steel bolt, you can create the coolest and the smallest hunting knife in the world.

This guy turns a bolt into a miniature hunting knife, which will probably be the coolest hunting knife you can ever see in your life. It'll also be very special and unique because not a lot of people will have it.

It's also not difficult at all! Of course, it's not as easy as peeling a potato or lighting a candle, but it's much easier than creating an AK-47 on your own.

So, if you want to spend quality time by yourself and create something cool, you can watch this video to see how to create a hunting knife step by step. You'll definitely have a good time, maybe not the best time of your life, but it'll definitely be good.


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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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