This Guy Turns Supple Seaweed Into a Sharp Knife

The knife maestro known as Kiwami Japan now transforms supple soft and wet seaweed into a sharp and probably usable knife.
Loukia Papadopoulos

Who does not love YouTuber Kiwami Japan? We have watched the knife maestro successfully create razor-sharp knives out of anything imaginable including tin foiljelloice, and a dollar store trinket.

Now he is back with a special seaweed edition. Yes, you heard right he turns supple soft and wet seaweed into a sharp knife.

And he does it all with his usual crazy cooky and fun antics. This issue features a plastic toy cow to bring some water, a container with an adorable smiley face and a Santa Claus figurine. 

As usual, the knife creator extraordinaire does not explain why he displays such fun accessories. He simply works his magic on the seaweed tuning it indeed it a sharp knife.

Can we use this knife too? Probably. But let's face it we watch it for the journey not the end product.

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All and all, it is a classic Kiwami Japan video and we can't get enough! In fact, we are busy scratching our heads trying to figure out what he might turn into a knife next. Any guesses?

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